Husky Havoc RRT
Husky Havoc Video Library
They Nest III: Attack of the Pillow Killers
starring: Neenah as herself
29 seconds; silent movie

Neenah went through a bit of "nesting syndrome" after
she had to be spayed while pregnant. She thought Elk
the cat's feather pillow (yes, he has his own feather
had his own feather pillow) would make a
great whelping nest for a litter of pups.
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Three Sibes and a Blanket
starring: Neenah, Paikea, Malkin
28 seconds; silent movie

Never store your warm fleecy blankets  in the garage
where a sibe can get them.
They won't last long after that.
Paikea gives the camera a pouncing close-up while chasing
Malkin and trying to drag from his tail. 29 seconds. Silent
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