It's a Sibe Thing...You Wouldn't Understand
a lighthearted look at life with Siberian Huskies
Raven Delaval
Husky Havoc RRT
This humorous but educational book is a lighthearted look at life
with Siberian Huskies. Though often purchased for their beauty or
for their ability to race as dog sleds, this is a breed that can and will
turn your life upside down the second you close your eyes. Most of
us weren't prepared for this to happen, and all too many sibes have
been surrendered to shelters because of this. My hope for this book
is to educate and enlighten prospective owners before they bring
their new husky home; even if that means a decision not to adopt
one at all. Sibes aren't for everyone, and the quicker you learn
which side of the line you fall on, the better it will be for you and
the dogs. This book is also for those of us who weren't forewarned,
but fell in love with the breed because of their mischief.

The book is 8"x 10",  170 pgs with numerous full color
photographs. Chapters include the basics on the siberian breed
standard and personality, and what makes a sibe person to help
you determine if a sibe is the right dog for your lifestyle. There are
also chapters on: fostering, dog sledding and the animal cruelty
controversy, going from one sibe to two (or more), and a
humorous chapter taken from the archives of SIBERNET-L
entitled "your dog might be a siberian husky if..."

Fifty percent of the proceeds go directly to HHRRT fosters and
transports. The rest of the money goes right back into the project
to pay for ink, paper, binding fees, and migraine medicine.

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To purchase "It's a Sibe
Thing...You Wouldn't
Understand" via
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To purchase "It's a Sibe
Thing...You Wouldn't
Understand" via paypal,
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To purchase "It's a Sibe
Thing...You Wouldn't
Understand" via paypal,
click this link.

Excerpts from It's a Sibe Thing...You Wouldn't Understand.
Taken from, "Siberian Definitions (or catchphrases every sibe owner should know)"

* Coat Blow : a biannual event lasting several days, in which grooming your Siberian Husky
results in a pile of shed fur larger than the actual dog.

* Furniture Olympics : A competitive sport typically found  in multi-sibe households, though
lone trainees have been  documented. Involves use of cushioned furniture as apparatuses  in the
following sports: high jump, hurdles, trampoline, and  occasionally as weapons in Siberian martial
arts. Tipping said  furniture over is often the object of the game. Tables and other large pieces of
home equipment will mark the game area, though  it should be noted that Siberians thrive on going
“out of bounds,”  and any solid objects in their paths (animate or inanimate) will  be taken out with

Husky Craters : the presence of multiple furiously dug holes in a once well maintained lawn.
Craters come in Full Size (big enough for a sibe to curl up in) or Mini (a plethora of small divots big
enough for a muzzle and one paw), or both. Can result in more craters than lawn within a single

Potato Chip Syndrome : The idea that, when it comes to  Siberian Huskies, you can’t have
just one. In some cases, you  can’t have just two, or three, or four, and so on.  Like all addictions, it
will start innocently: a single cute husky  pup tugging at your heartstrings. Before you know it, you
want  another one. You need another one. Five years later, you have enough huskies to form a sled
team (complete with alternates), even if the closest they ever get to sledding the trails of Alaska is
yanking a six-year-old around your Midwestern backyard on an  old inner-tube.

Sibe Proof : An idyllic state of home security wherein your Sibe cannot escape, chew, destroy,
or dig anything s/he isn’t  allowed near. A near-fictitious state viewed much like the concept of
World Peace: a nice idea we should all work towards, but it’ll probably never happen in our

Siberian Death Wail : A combination of howls, whines, whimpers, barks, and other
vocalizations reminiscent of a cartoon Tasmanian Devil, that can shatter all human eardrums in  a
five mile radius within seconds. Often employed during bath time, coat brushing, vet trips, nail
trims, and brief moments of restraint. Can lead to neighborly complaints, and awkward  
conversations with police and animal control officers.

Siberian Seasonal Affective Disorder : A state of fluctuating chronic depression that
occurs in Nordic breeds during the warm and sunny summer months. Caused by a prolonged lack
of blizzards and sub-zero temperatures.

Siberian Smile : That irascible grin found only on the  faces of Northern Breed dogs, like
Siberian Huskies and  Samoyeds. There are two types found amongst Sibes. One is  gentle and
innocent, the perfect image of relaxed contentment. The other means they’re up to something,
and you may or may not like it when they finally let you in on their diabolical schemes.  The
difference between the two is often an individualized  judgment call, but a quick glance to the eyes
will give the first,  and strongest, clue.

Sunny Sibe Up : Describes the frequent occurrence of   finding your dog laying belly up, paws
in the air, head usually  cocked to one side with the tongue hanging out of a smiling  mouth. A sibe’
s favorite position. Other sibes will, of course, take  full advantage of this with a well-aimed
pounce. They expect you   to take full advantage of it, as well, preferably with a great deal of  belly

* Zoomies : The sudden Siberian urge to go from Inertia to  Iditarod in 0.2 seconds. Usually
occurs indoors as a precursor to  Furniture Olympics, and results in racing grooves in the flooring  
and paint chips on the walls. When it occurs outdoors, there will  be no need to mow the used track
as all grass and vegetation will  become as hopelessly flattened as a crop circle.
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