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As part of Husky Havoc's referral service, these  pages will be updated with links to homeless huskies in shelters
and animal control facilities. Unless otherwise noted, all adoptable dogs will be in Ohio or NW Pennsylvania.
From time to time, we may also have links to sibes in need of homes who are being fostered at other husky
rescue organizations. These dogs will be listed by state.
Remember: it's important to check not only the groups
that deal exclusively with Northern Breed dogs, but the other rescue groups too. Often those groups are more
important to check with since they won't necessarily be staffed by those with sibe experience. We also encourage
you to adopt husky mixes; often they have the best combination of traits. We particularly love the
husky-shepard mix (think a husky who actually wants to please you!) and the sibe-border collie mix (smartest
dogs on the planet, if you ask Raven).

We will try to keep this page as up to date as possible, but please understand if the dog you're looking for is no
longer available. All referral services are dependent upon the information given to us by the shelters and
rescues, which are chronically overworked and understaffed.

But if you hit on a link that leads you to the dog you've been searching for, then know that our pack will be
howling with joy along with yours.
NW Ohio Siberian Rescue
Located in Delta, Ohio, they specialize in sibes and sibe mixes. They could also use the
help in fostering, or just in donations to help cover medical expenses for their dogs.
They have many more dogs than are featured here, so please check out their website!

Check out the face on
Diesel (photo at top left) You'd never guess that one of his best
buddies is a handicapped child, but it's true. He's housetrained, UTD, neutered, and
chipped. No small dogs or cats, please!

And then there's Mighty (2nd photo down on left). Bred to be a sled dog,
decided that that wasn't the career he had planned. Would be an excellent companion
for an outside dog, but would also be  a good companion for people if an owner is willing
to take the time to train him to be a house dog (ask Nancy of NW Ohio Siberian Resue
for tips on how to do this; she's done this successfully numerous times). Absolutely no
cats! He's been in foster care for a long time, and we'd love to see him go into a forever
home. His adoption fee is a mere $75, even though he's been fully vetted, UTD on shots,
HW neg (and on monthly prevention), neutered, and has had some basic training. You
can't beat that!

If you want a young female sibe, check out
Gabby (photo below). Barely a year old,
she's a pretty little wolf-grey and white, blue eyed, Siberian with a great disposition. She
loves people and other dogs her own size, but will not be adopted out to a home with
small dogs or cats. She needs some training, but she learns very quickly and has a desire
to learn. She's UTD on shots, spayed, HW neg and on monthly preventative.
Adopt a Husky Inc., Ohio chapter      is another great organization with sibes
available for adoption or fostering. Don't forget to go on their annual Husky Hikes too!  Malkin
and Paikea have a blast on those! Check out their main website for details:
Adopt A Husky
Inc. All AAHI dogs are: spayed/neutered, UTD on shots (including bordatella, or kennel
cough), and microchipped for identification should they ever become lost. There are many
more foster dogs at AAHI/OH than are pictured here, so go check out their website!

Chi-Chi (photo at right) is a beautiful young adult female sibe who had a rough start in life and
has some special needs. She has juvenile cataracts in both eyes; she has some vision, though not
much. It's not likely to worsen, but there is always the chance that she could become completely
blind one day. She had also been badly abused, but with the help of a trainer, she is improving by
leaps and bounds and can now interact with men without showing fear aggression (women are
just fine with her). She can be a bit bossy with other dogs, so a dog-savvy owner is a must. She
also will require a yard with at least a 6' fence since she has tremendous jumping skills. She is
housetrained, crate trained, leash trained and knows several commands. She loves to cuddle and
play and just be a husky. If you feel ready for a special needs sibe, please consider Chi Chi and
give this little beauty the second chance in life she deserves.
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Free Spirit Rescue in Lore City, OH is another great rescue (we even adopted our
very own Neenah from there).

Check out Tala, a stunningly beautiful Sable colored northern breed mix (likely sibe, mal, and
maybe some collie). She's UTD, spayed, and housetrained already. Her family fell on hard times
and just let her loose rather than taking her to a shelter like they should have done. Tala is a
sweet, loving, gentle soul who is calm and loyal.
Then there's Sallie, a very unique looking spayed female Siberian Husky. Her unusual coat
pattern is known as a Saddleback, and though rare, is still 100% siberian. Sallie has gorgeous
blue eyes, but they're crossed so her peripheral vision isn't what it should be. But with patience
and learning not to sneak up on her (she gets scared), she'll be just fine. She's sweet, playful,
housetrained and cratetrained.
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