Press play and that racket you'll hear is Malkin and
Paikea playing... Malkin usually does more talking
than Pai. This is what our house sounds like...all the
time. Sometimes we think it would be quieter to
have 3 toddlers rather than 3 huskies. <g>
Husky Havoc RRT
Diva Paikea...
mugging for the camera, as usual.
Paikea was already aware of how cute she is very early on, and she plays that
card as often as possible. No one knew at the time that she would have an
endless slew of nick names, from Paiza to Diva to Shortstack Badass. Even at
this young tender age she was very very
very  demanding of bellyrubs; all is
right with the world if her belly is being rubbed. If she could find a way to get
belly rubs while jumping on Malkin's shoulders or having zoomies in water,
she'd never ever stop...come to think, she doesn't stop now.

Paikea Taitin (a.k.a. Pie)

AKC Name: Hero's Third Times the Charm

Breed: Siberian Husky

Origin: Breeder (Hero's Huskies, TX)

Birthdate: September 25, 2005

Gotcha Day: December 8, 2005

Color: wolf grey with black points (and orange ears)

Eye color: neon blue

Pack Rank: Alpha, Diva, subordinate only to Ridley and Raven

Personality: diva, attention hog, dangerously affectionate, playful, vocal,  
tough on the outside and mush in the middle

Profession: ruling the pack, canicross, teaching the ropes to all our fosters,
running on the sled team in any position other than wheel (she actually focuses
when in lead, it's weird!)

Bad Husky Behavior: digging husky craters in the yard; high prey drive (our
yard is where moles go to commit suicide-by-dog); rampant zoomies; shredding
futon cushions, stealing Neenah's Babydoll and taunting her with it

Just plain odd Paikea behavior: doing Stevie Wonder impressions while wooing
like Chewbacca from Star Wars, talking with her paws

Paikea's Motto: Do as I say, or get out of my way

Paikea's Dogster page

Our Gentle Giant, Malkin...
showing us his quiet dignity      
(most of the time anyway).
Malkin has always been the more unassuming one. He still knows how to play up the cuteness
factor, but he relies more on his cleverness to get what he wants.  The one thing he will stop
plotting for? Neck scratches! And he'll let you know when you've reached just the right spot too.
But we had no idea when we adopted that 8 lb fluffball that he'd grow up to be 75 lbs and 3 feet tall.

Malkin Nehayo (a.k.a. Bubba the Moose)

Breed: Siberian Husky + Alaskan Malamute (+ Wolf ?)

Origin: Rescue

Birthdate: May 29, 2004

Gotcha Day: July 24, 2004

Color: Black and white with black points (and a snow nose)

Eye Color: bi-eyed & parti-eyed in two different shades of blue and one of brown

Pack Rank: Beta

Personality: gentle, nurturing, extremely intelligent, deviously clever, vocal, stubborn; everyone
who knows him agrees that he's just a mindreading alien in a dog costume.

Profession: TDI registered therapy dog; recreational sled dog (sometimes he'd just rather roll in
the snow than work); outsmarting the pack.

Bad Husky Behavior: dragging humans out for walks (face down on the ground, if necessary);
digging land mines; sassing everyone back; refusing to obey the Down command until he's yelled
at you first.

Just plain odd Malkin behavior: "talking" in English-sounding woos (Wooglish) without
prompting and always in context; using tools to steal cornbread; convincing us he has to go out to
pee when he actually just wants to roll around in snow. Mind reading.

Malkin's motto: Never Mistake Gentle for Weak

Malkin's Dogster Page.
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Malkin's "air head" photo.
Neenah had already bounced through two homes and three shelters before
she came to us. She had mange, heartworm, malnutrition, and some
behavioral concerns like nesting syndrome and classic signs of having been
abused. By the time she healed up, she had bonded so strongly with us and
with Paikea and Malkin that she officially became our first foster failure.  

Neenah (a.k.a. Beans)

Breed: Siberian Husky + German Shepherd + ?? (something barrel-chested
and wrinkly)

Origin: Rescue

Birthdate: unknown; we chose October 31, 2006

Gotcha Day: March 17, 2o07

Color: Black and white with silver, black points

Eye Color: freaky ice-blue, almost white

Pack Rank: mid-pack; the muscle behind Paikea's edicts

Personality: wild n crazy, incredibly silly, dangerously affectionate; does
everything full throttle or not at all, exuberantly happy-go-lucky with no
concept of the word Dignity.

Profession: guard dog (seriously...must be the german shepherd in her); sled
dog, runs in wheel (she's a little powerhouse!); toy hoarder

Bad Husky Behavior: high prey drive, digging, tearing up beds, pouncing
people, "killing" her toys

Just plain odd Neenah behavior: demanding eye-rubs (rubbing her face over
her eyes...if you won't oblige her, she rubs her eyes on pillows), refusing to
squeak her "baby doll" plush toy,swimming, allowing Ridley to take silly
photos of her with props, standing at the foot of the bed and play-growling
until you make room for her

Neenah's motto:  I have a motto?

Neenah's Dogster Page.
Neenah...the sweet,
sensitive, Court Jester
Like we said, Malkin is a talker.
We once fostered a sibe named
Nara who liked to sing. This is
what you get when the two
decide it's Karaoke Night at
Husky Havoc...
the wrecking ball on legs
"Vivian, Vivian, Vivian! Whenever something blows up, it's always Vivian!" These
words from the 80's British sitcom "The Young Ones" is what inspired her name.  
Though she walks with a gimpy back leg, has double dewclaws, a face covered in
scars, and more phobias than a Discovery Channel special, she instantly proved to
us that she hadn't given up yet. A special needs dog, she never fully became
"adoptable" but that doesn't matter. She's our girl and we love her.

Vivian (a.k.a. Vivi, The Copper Tops (with her buddy Finn)

Breed: Our best guess? Greyhound + white German Shepherd + Siberian Husky

Origin: Rescue / Foster

Birthdate: unknown; we don't even know what year she was born

Gotcha Day: June 10, 2o08

Color: White with peachy-copper splotches on her ears, back, and tail

Eye Color: soulful brown

Pack Rank: low rank

Personality: airhead with the energy level of a Jack Russell puppy on Redbull;
dangerously affectionate, playful, anxious, noise-phobic, true pack dog who's
happiest when the whole family is together; Vivi is all heart and no brain

Profession: contortionist; Houdini (she can contort that bad hip to slip through
ridiculously small spaces); bathing service (Vivi can't hold her licker); canicross
(gimpy leg be damned, she's actually won trophies in races)

Bad Husky Behavior: escape artist, high prey drive, digging, tearing up beds,
terrorizing cats

Just plain odd Vivi behavior: forgetting there's such a thing as a screen door and
bouncing off of it, jumping onto furniture backwards (butt first), sustaining at least
1 minor head injury per week; getting to know every Vet ER in the area

Vivian's motto:  What's a motto? It sounds scary!
our Mellow Yellow boy
him in from another rescue with the honest intention of adopting him out...
no, really. Despite his extreme adoptability, we never had any takers. In the
meantime, he and Vivian became glued at the hip, then he joined the Husky
Havoc sled team, and the rest is foster failure history.

Finnegan (a.k.a. Finny, The Copper Tops (with his buddy Viv)

Breed: The best guess is Siberian Husky + yellow Labrador Retriever

Origin: Rescue / Foster

Birthdate: unknown; he was born sometime in 2006

Gotcha Day: September 17, 2o08

Color: Cream with peachy-copper saddleback markings, liver points

Eye Color: amber

Pack Rank: Omega (he thinks pack politics are for dogs who have forgotten
how to simply Be)

Personality: mellow, happy-go-lucky, hen-pecked mama's boy, gluttonous,
cuddly, loveable peacemaker. Everyone gets along with Finn. He's a true
pack dog who's happiest when the whole family is together

Profession: sled dog (can run anywhere in the team), getting every0ne else to
just chill out and rub his belly

Bad Husky Behavior: high prey drive, digging

Just plain odd Finny behavior: he likes to be picked up and held like a baby
(which isn't easy considering he's 65 lbs); smiling the "Finn Grin" when he's
happy, begging for salad and fresh fruit

Finnegan's Motto: Don't worry, be happy.