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Links to Other Husky Sites
Other Husky Rescues in USA
Tails of the Tundra Siberian Husky Rescue:
Location: PA. Also has some excellent breed

MaPaw Siberian Husky Rescue and Referral
Service:  Location: PA. Good breed info and lots of
dogs who need homes.

Harnessed to Hope Northern Breed Rescue:
helps all northern breed dogs, not just siberian huskies.
SOS-SRF: Not a rescue shelter in and of itself, but a
group that gives financial aid to rescue dogs in need.

Adopt a Husky Inc.: Multiple locations in the
midwest and pacific northwest. Offer some fun
fundraisers every year for you and your dogs.

Free Spirit Siberian Rescue: located in Illinois,
they handle sibes and sibe mixes. This organization is
for sibes at dire risk of being euthanized, not for owner
Sibes.Org: all things siberian. Also has a link
to join the fantastic e-list

Colors of the Siberian Husky: ever
wonder just what the heck color your husky is
and how he came to look that way? Check out
this website. Great photos too!

Sled Dog Central is great for mushers and
would-be mushers. Includes info and
classifieds for mushing gear.

Alemania's Siberian Huskies: a great page
from a family in Scotland with lots of info and
beautiful photos.

Siberian Husky Club of America: has
links to clubs in your neck of the woods

Siberian Husky Club of Greater
Cleveland: for my fellow sibes in NE Ohio,
this is our club.

Sierra Kennels: some of the most gorgeous
huskies (this is where Pai's mom came from, so
we know whereof we speak <g>)

Camp Kaos Siberians: some fellow
Sibernetters who contributed photos to the
book; the place is aptly named. ; )

Army of Four: more fellow sibernetters who
contributed photos and a great story about a
vocally talented sibe named Storm. They have
their own blog, so check them out for yourself!
This page will be under constant renovation for
awhile. But please let us know if a link is no longer
functional, or if you'd like your Northern Breed's
website to be added to ours:
Paikea says: "Check out Hero's
Huskies That's where I was born.  
And then check out musher Karen
Ramstead's page, since I will be a
competitive racing dog someday,
you know. And check out my
Aunt Jo's page for her sibe
and his amazing story of courage!
And you can't forget the
Hooligans; they're my idols. "
Northern Breed Dogs -
Videos & Sound Clips
This video is hysterical. And you thought your husky made
some weird noises!
Talking Dog Video. Requires Google
Video player; free download of the player available on the
same link.

Tashi and Polar's smackdown. No, that's not fighting, that's
playing.  This shows a typical day in the life of any husky.

Kena is one persistant husky, much to Mochi's dismay! Watch
one husky play "chase the tail" at expert level.

Check out this siberian quartet - notice how they all stop and
start simultaneously, as if waiting on a conductor's cues.
and Friends Group Sing-a-long.

And this one illustrates why your neighbors will possibly hate
your guts for adopting a husky.
Howling sibe.

And this is why everyone at your vet office will run out to the
drug store to buy ear plugs the moment you make your
Natasha gives me hell.

A lot of huskies like to sing along with harmonicas for some
reason. Check out  

Just in case you thought it was only Siberian Huskies who
howl and sing, check out
Tarzan the Alaskan Malamute.
Northern Breed Dogs -
Breed Info Sites
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