The little man who started
it all - Malkin Nehayo - at 8
weeks old (left) and then
all grown up (right) -
already with a mischievous
eye. Well, two mischievous
eyes in three different
colors, to be exact.
Press play in the media player above to hear
Malkin wooing and Paikea finishing off the
welcome with one of her many silly howls
In the beginning...
Raven and Ridley were just two young women with a bunch of crazy cats hoping to start a shelter  for felines
with FIV/FIP, feral colonies, and other various health and behavioral problems. But then they adopted a
devious black and white husky who changed their lives forever. Malkin may have planned this from the
beginning - after all, both women seem to have neon signs over their heads that read "sucker" in every
language known to pets - but it was news to them. However, the Potato Chip Syndrome is a powerful
addiction, and it has Raven and Ridley right in the palm of its paws. They adopted a second sibe, and Paikea
aided and abetted her brother's schemes. Malkin saw this and found it good. Soon, these two former "cat
ladies" began to think of how they could help to save Siberian Huskies too. "And what about other Northern
Breed dogs and wolf-hybrids too?" Malkin asked with one eye (the other eye simply said, "Gimme more
Yummy Chummies!"). And so Alaskan Huskies, Alaskan Malamutes, Samoyeds, and mixes and wolfdogs
became part of the grand plan too. And Malkin saw this, and found it good.

Raven wrote a book about Siberian Huskies, inspired by all the mischievous and wonderful and  expensive
and destructive things that Malkin and Paikea do. Malkin likes having a book dedicated to him;  though no
one is certain if Paikea even notices since reading doesn't generally involve jumping or having the Zoomies.
Raven and Ridley decided that more than half of the book's profits would go to benefit other  husky rescue
groups. Then Ridley became mesmerized by Malkin's eyes and suddenly said, "Why don't we start our own
husky rescue? Maybe take in a foster sibe or two, hmm? And where are my Yummy Chummies?"
And so they started their own rescue, and gave their sibes lots of tasty treats.
And Malkin saw all of his ideas and found they were very good indeed.

And now...
Husky Havoc RRT (stands for Rescue, Referral, and Transport) has become a reality.  It's grown from a
dream to a daily vocation, with lots of work that is immensely rewarding. The goal of frequent transports,
shelter pulls, and fostering? That's where they're at right now, and loving it despite the stress. Okay, so the
first fostering bit went overboard and became a "foster failure." But Paikea saw this and deemed it good;
since Neenah is great fun to pounce! Some day, they'll be running a kennel just for their fosters, and
achieving their Big Dream of opening a no-kill shelter....for  dogs of all breeds and mixes, horses, ferrets,
rats, rabbits, and of course: cats with a host of health and behavioral problems (after all, the Feline Nine
have been working their Mind Melds long before Malkin and Paikea were even born). And Malkin smiles upon
this grand scheme, and Neenah brings her "babydoll" into it, and Paikea runs circles around it, and the cats
couldn't care less as long as their food keeps coming and they can take over the softest furniture in the  
house. So come join Ridley, Raven, Malkin, Paikea, Neenah, and the Feline Nine on this grand adventure,
and help them all to make Husky Havoc a grand success.
The came the little beauty who
blew into our lives like
Hurricane Rita and quickly
became both the princess and
the holy terror. (left at 14 weeks;
right at 1 year)


It's that time of year again. When your sibe gets all mopey from lack of snow, and you're rushing to find
the perfect de-skunking recipe at midnight. Yep, we've been there. In fact, we go there yearly. So check
out the
Summer Survival Guide. If you have tips you'd like to share, email us!

Want to donate and shop at your favorite pet supermarket at the same time? You can make a donation to Husky
Havoc RRT (or any other member rescue) by purchasing a
PetCo e-gift certificate! Click on the link
to find out more, or go to the
HHRRT petfinder site.

Or maybe you just want to donate a comfy bed for an adorable HHRRT foster dog? Well, you can donate a Kuranda
bed to do just that. Kurandas are great for double-coated breeds because they help them to stay cooler in the
summer. They're also great for dogs recovering from illnesses, injuries, and surgeries.
Click here to donate a
Kuranda bed to Husky Havoc!
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And then there's Beans.
Hurricane Neenah came
in as a Husky Havoc
foster, and then...well...
sometimes the forever
home you're "prepping"
them for is your own. We
couldn't part with her.
Beans is the class clown.
"Dignity" is a foreign
word to are
"grace" and "stay" for
that matter.
Though not yet a 501 (c)3  non-profit organization that offers tax deductions on your
donations, donations are all the more appreciated when they happen. The money will go to
the veterinary care of our foster dogs, and for transport of rescued northern breed dogs in
Donations over $50 will receive a free copy of
It's a Sibe Thing...You Wouldn't Understand.