Gallery 1

These pieces are already sold. However, if you like what you see here and would like a custom design
of something similar, email
Raven Delaval for details on bespoke orders. Or see what's for sale at the
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Hecate Necklace :
silver chains, bells, and
triple moon pendant
Navajo Raven Necklace:
bright silver bells and onyx
raven pendant with hinged
Turkomen Coin Necklace &
Belly Dance Belt:
Turkish coins, silver beads,
Hazara barrettes
Copper Plum Belt :
plum, olive, brown, and
gold. Copper rosettes,. silk
ivy leaves, purple and green
rhinestone pendants
Stitched Gilit Plate Choker:
antiqued Gilit plates on
vintage green ribbon; chain
fringe. Ties in back with
corset-lacing and long ivory
velvet ribbon.
Husky Havoc Home
Coin & Filigree
Belly Dance Belt:
vintage Kuchi
coins, vintage
buttons & lace,
and modern
metal filigree; on
silver taffeta, red
satin, and black
Lace & Flowers Belly Dance Belt:
vintage Kuchi coins, vintage
rhinestone buttons & lace; on
plum belt with pewter hip drape
chains, and multicolor yarn falls
Raven Skull Necklace:
vintage coins and Orissa bell
beads from India; resin model
of a raven skull; on brown
satin ribbon
Guinever Choker Necklace:
rhinestone beads in purple,
pale green, and aqua