Husky Havoc RRT
Keep checking back for updates as this page will change frequently!

We are in desperate need of people willing to do transports! There are several huskies
in kill-shelters in southern Ohio who need to be removed and taken to rescues where
they won't be needlessly euthanized! If you can help, or if you are in need of
transport assistance, please email:
This is Khuno, a sled dog that Ridley and I
transported to Erie, PA on his way to New York with
a couple Alaskan husky friends.  Poor guy didn't
know where on earth he was going in that rackety
Jeep, but he was a good passenger and a very
affectionate little boy.
This is Khuno now, at his foster home at  
LakotaSong (below with his friend Mikoa, whom we
also transported). Khuno's a much happier,
healthier guy now that he has someone to love him
and give him plenty of playtime. And Mikoa looks
like she's coming out of her shell beautifully; she
was such a timid but sweet girl when we drove her
to Erie, PA. But they still need forever homes! If
you're interested in learning more about Khuno or
Mikoa, please contact
LakotaSong Siberian Rescue.
Mikoa. The photo on the left is of her
on our transport; she needed a lot of of
reassurance. On right, Mikoa now.
Thank you to Ashley of LakotaSong for
taking such good care of this sweet little
girl. But she still needs a forever home!
This is Boss, a Northern Breed -
GSD mix whom we transported
in September 2007. He is in a
loving foster home now in IL via
Free Spirit Siberian Rescue, but
he's still looking for his forever
home. A sweet, affectionate but
dominant boy who weighs in at a
muscled 80 lbs, Boss would be
happy with a husky-savvy owner
who is really
really strong.